Every brand has a story to tell. Our brand is no different. And, like with most great stories, ours starts with a dream.

The year was 1996. Ben Parrish was in Florida where he owned a successful business along the Gulf Coast. Things were moving along fine in a perfect American life when he was struck with a passion for metal that he didn’t know existed. Before long, he moved his family to Charlotte where he began putting his passion to work. It didn’t take long for his creations to garner some attention and press. From corporate clients to local homeowners, Ben was creating the kind of metal art that turned heads. He was doing what he loved, and it showed. And since the move to North Carolina, he’s enjoyed life as an artisan who had the courage to follow his heart.

During the mid 2000s, Ben realized that he needed to find others who shared his passion for breathing life into alloys. Enter Courtney Long and Judah Wesley, two men who loved metal as much as Ben. Together they’ve helped elevate the art of metallurgy in Charlotte.

Trust your instincts. Follow your dreams. Put love into everything you do. That’s our story.